Pads, disks, shoes & the rest

The condition of your cars braking system is the difference to you stopping

Overtime your cars brakes wear down or can become contaminated resulting in loss of performance.

We can supply and fit brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes and more for your car making sure your brakes are in their best condition helping you stay safe. Need to brake suddenly?

You'll want your brakes to stop you when you need them to, but do know what condition they are really in? We offer a free brake check service for your car to ensure you know the condition of your brakes.

From the best name in brakes, we are a brembo® fitting station because we know the quality and performance that comes with brembo® brakes.

Liftetime brake Pad Replacement for your car from Servicesure Autocentres, T&C's apply with Brake Sure.

You can book a free brake check by getting in touch.

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