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Nearly all modern vehicles today contain an on-board computer which is often known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which continually monitors the performance of your vehicle. We carry out an electronic scan to solve or find the problem with your vehicle before more serious damage is casued. A car diagnostic check is carried out by our qualified technicians who use the very latest vehicle diagnostic tools to see if there are any recorded problems within your cars ECU.

How much does a Diagnostics check cost? A Minor Diagnostic check is £15.00 which we will scan your cars ECU for any stored problem codes which we will then provide you with. A Full Diagnostic check is £40.00 which we will scan for any stored codes and provide your with them. We will also clear any stored codes resetting them and if any code to display on the dashboard again then this will normally indicate there is a problem while removing older codes to avoid any confusion.

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